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Yes! There are No Cheats but There are fast ways'Fast Snow Flakes:'Fly to EverGreen OverLook There Should Be A Mini Game with SnowFlakes in it Called SnowFlake Brush. Play Level 1 Putting one SnowFlake in the Bag Takes about 5 secounds! After Round 1 its Ethier "Continue"or "Quit" Select Quit.. Win 4 SnowFlakes!!! - Not a Cheat'Lots of Gatherings!'Usally when You Log on There are servers Click on a Quiet Server for more Gatherings -Not a Cheat -Common. Type in Revelry to get 50 maple leaves!!!

Cheat WebsitesEdit

There is many websites you can go to like

Unlockables for your FairyEdit

For your fairy, i will give you some clothes for your fairy. Here are some codes:

  • Rose Cami Daffodil Yellow 106510
  • Sparkle Poppy Skirt Daffodil Yellow 130408
  • Stargazer Pendant Wartemelon Pink 118337

Your Welcome.